Working With NERL

NERL is concerned primarily with licensing on-line products and the deployment of online products and services. NERL's primary objective is to obtain the best resources, license terms, and prices possible for our institutions and users.

Member libraries consider the merits of each product for their respective institutions and may or may not participate in consortial purchasing agreements. Some member libraries are in private institutions and others are in public institutions. Licenses may need to reflect the special requirements of various states' laws.

While we recognize there are many different pricing models currently being applied by information providers to electronic content licensing, we require, where appropriate, that you integrate the principle of a sliding price scale in your proposal in order to allow our member institutions flexibility in managing costs for one-time purchases and ongoing subscriptions. Please take into consideration that initial NERL member participation may be smaller than subsequent participation in months and years to come. All pricing models should be clearly stated and demonstrate how the license will reward NERL's members for aggregating their spending power, both for the initial year of the proposed license and for the years that follow within the proposed contract.

When submitting a proposal to the NERL Consortium, it is helpful to address the following issues (where applicable):

  • Accessibility - Web Content Accessibilities Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
  • Authentication—IP/Shibboleth/Username-Password
  • Authors’ Rights (for journals offers)
  • Branding (Prominent) Ability for Institutions
  • Course Packs and Course Reserves (electronic and print)
  • Interlibrary Loan Policy (including International ILL)
  • MARC Records
  • Post-cancellation Rights
  • Scholarly Sharing
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Text and Data Mining
  • Third-Party Archival System availability
  • COUNTER Compliance—Usage Data
  • TRANSFER Compliance--Journals

Once your written proposal is received, NERL will contact you to determine whether further information is needed to ensure a complete understanding of your product and licensing terms.

NERL may conduct a poll of its members to determine a threshold of interest in your resource(s).  When it is clear that there is strong interest in jointly licensing the resource, NERL will work with you to complete the offer, licensing, and invoicing arrangements.

We believe that through our cooperative efforts, the needs of our users will be well served and that your product/services will receive unparalleled exposure to the best undergraduate, graduate student, and research programs in the United States.   For further information, please refer to the posted documents and information in our Guidelines section.